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Working with the Home User

Thumbnail Image 1I have specialized in helping those people who are just getting their first computer for decades.

My Mom is one of my best customers because I make it understandable and don't try to talk "down" to her. I do the same for all of my customers.

I will make sure that your needs are met by listening to your needs and then adapting the solution to your needs. If you only use your computer for emails and basic browsing I am not going to try to sell you something you don't need. One of the main things that home users don't have is protection against hackers and the "bad guys" out there. I have an affordable solution for that and if you have an infection I can take care of that for you at an affordable rate.

I treat all of my customers in the same way I treat my Mom. With respect and in an affordable manner. You CAN trust me with all of your home computing needs. I guarantee my work and all of my computers and parts are warrantied as well. I have lot of references from the last 27 years so feel free to ask. Whether it is a single computer or a small network that is wired or wireless I can fix you up with plain English that is tailor made for your situation.

Steve Featherston

(Microsoft Certified Professional, A Plus Certified, Net Plus Certified)

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